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We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown while meeting their Forex trading. Ask us about:


  • Forex Trading (FX) gives you access to the world's largest and most liquid market.
  • Margin foreign exchange products are a subset of foreign exchange trading that allows you an opportunity to trade FX on a leveraged basis.
  • Instead of buying the whole face value of an FX contract, you pay only a small margin of the face value of the currency traded and have the benefit/cost of fluctuations of the currency.
  • There is always a long (bought) and a short (sold) side Forex trading, which means that you are speculating on the prospect of one of the currencies strengthening and one of the currencies weakening.
  • FXDTT provides 24-hour access to multiple sources of information, liquidity and prices for the below listed comprehensive spot products and services to its global clients.

As an independent financial services firm, we can access many different products so you can get the right products and services for you.

What Is Forex?

 Forex is the world's largest financial market which allows participants to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. Daily transaction volumes of the Forex market are estimated as high as 4 trillion USD. 

Who Trades Forex?

 Banks, commercial businesses, investment firms, hedge funds and retail investors trade and invest in Forex. 

Company profile

 New Zealand remains well placed among the world's highly rated sovereign credits, with its creditworthiness supported by moderate public indebtedness, fiscal prudence, and strong public institutions. 

FXDTT has a blend of the best-in-class trading technology platforms, hassle-free trading execution and exceptional customer service. Based in Auckland, the financial centre of New Zealand where the financial market opens first in the world, PFD is the logical choice when looking for a broker of high end performance with a personal approach. 

 FXDTT offers world-class brokerage services and trading platforms for trading in Spot Foreign Exchange, Spot Metals, Spot Oil, Commodities, CFDs, Indices and deals in Futures CFD Contracts for small, medium and large investors and market participants across the globe.  


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